1What is stump grinding?

Stump grinding is the process of removing tree stumps using a specialised power tool to chew through the leftover tree stump and clear the area.

2Why should I remove a tree stump?

After felling a tree, you're left with the stump which is a different beast to deal with! Tree stumps can be unsightly and cause many different issues.


Depending on where they're located, stumps can become a nuisance or even a tripping hazard. Roots may continue to grow and cause damage even after the tree has been chopped down, making it imperative to remove quickly after felling.


If a stump is not removed soon after felling, suckering can occur. New sprouts grow from the stump promoting re-growth and further problems. Chemicals can be used to kill the stump but they do not provide the same guarantee that grinding the stump away completely offers.


Disease is one of the largest reasons for tree-felling, and this disease doesn't stop once the trunk is gone. One of the most destructive forms of disease that can occur is honey fungus. These fungi spread underground and kill the roots of other plants surrounding the stump. Completely removing the rotting stump stops this problem.


Rotting wood is a prime spot for insects, including hornets, wasps and ants, to make their home in. They can quickly become a menace to your garden thanks to their oft-aggressive nature. 

3Isn't it cheaper to hire a machine myself?

Stump Eraser is often cheaper than hiring a machine yourself, and presents a lot less danger and stress for yourself. A grinder isn't the only machine you'll need to achieve the same results as us either, as you'll likely need chainsaws, leaf blowers, a trailer to collect the machine, fuel, grinding guards, ramps and more.

Why go through all that to potentially injure yourself or mangle the tree stump even further, when you could just contact us for a quote?

4Why shouldn't I dig it out?

It's true that you can remove a stump through other means, such as digging them out, however this can be back-breaking work for even the fittest of gardeners! Using a grinder makes the task a lot easier, as well as leaving a neat & tidy space behind.

5What access do you need?

We have a range of machines available depending on how accessible your stump is. We've previously worked in challenging environments successfully, and will assess the access requirements on a case-by-case basis.

6How does Stump Eraser remove stumps?

We use stump grinder machines to remove stumps. They feature rotating, rugged tungsten teeth designed to tear through and shred stumps and root plates, turning them into mulch.

7Are the roots removed?

Often once a stump and root plate are removed, the majority of the issues are stopped. This means that the roots can remain within the soil and be broken down for nutrients. Removing tree roots can often cause large amounts of soil disruption due to how deep-rooted they can be.

8What do you do with the waste?

The wood chippings left over from grinding a stump make for excellent mulch for bedding plants. We prefer to mix this back in with the soil rather than remove it, but we do have a Waste Carriers Licence and can remove it if desired.

All other waste will be tidied up and the site will be left ready for reuse.

9Do I need to be at home?

Whilst we love to meet and chat with our customers, we understand how busy people are! Whether you need to be at home or not will come down to the level of access available, but we will discuss this beforehand to ensure you're happy, and available if necessary.